I am a Unionist, but I share Lady`s view that voices from different parts of the UK need to be heard. She is right that it is unlikely that the government will accept amendments that are legitimate concerns, particularly among those of us who represent Northern Ireland. Indeed, all major parties have joined forces in an unprecedented way to back up many of these amendments. I hope that after the Withdrawal Agreement there will be more consultations and discussions involving representatives of the various parts of the United Kingdom. Keeping in mind that Johnson`s hastily renegotiated withdrawal agreement was seen by most Brexiteers as „Theresa May`s deal with a blonde wig,“ stone`s tireless MP, a constitutional lawyer, decided to find a solution to a growing problem. 2. Accordingly, it is a priority for the Government of the United Kingdom to reach an agreement in the negotiations on the future relationship with the EU on the replacement of any provision of the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol that hinders or contradicts the obligation set out in paragraph 1. `future relationship with the EU` means the main arrangements to regulate the economic and security aspects of the long-term relationship between the UK and the EU after the date of completion of the intellectual property and to replace or amend arrangements in force during the implementation period but which do not include the Withdrawal Agreement; The UK has already broken its commitment to the 480 minor refugees who were due to come to the UK from France under the Dubs programme. This Withdrawal Agreement is another step backwards from the UK`s moral duty to help vulnerable refugee children, as is my honourable asset. A friend agrees that Amendment No 4 would oblige the United Kingdom to show that it is serious about its humanitarian obligations? (11) Before examining a request for approval of the text of the negotiated Treaty on The Future Relationship, the Government must send to each House of Parliament a reply to each report of a competent parliamentary committee (e.B the Special Committee on Withdrawal from the EU) with a recommendation concerning the ratification of the Agreement. As is customary in international agreements, the Withdrawal Agreement establishes procedures for settling disputes relating to compliance with the Agreement. Amendment No 24 would require Parliament`s approval for the payment of fines or penalties under the Withdrawal Agreement.

The Withdrawal Agreement is a binding agreement that prevents the UK from having a legal obligation to make these payments. We must be aware that we will respect our obligations under international law and therefore cannot accept the terms of payment. There are many legal precedents in the UK, such as the Finance Act 2013, which refers to tax powers to combat abuse and whether British prisoners can vote in elections. As the Attorney General explained in her published legal position, Parliament`s ability to override international agreements was unanimously approved by the Supreme Court in the Miller case and through clear „notwithstanding“ provisions of Section 38 of the European Union Withdrawal Agreements Act 2020. I am speaking to Amendment No 10 on behalf of the hon. member for Central Ayrshire (Dr Whitford). .