It`s in the new marriage agreementkk. 😊 m.acu.. hikhik tu la tipsua untk hero trsayang. xtahan tgk he miang sngt. Tu diaaaaa hajar, the mood of gatai has already come. haipp hajar, jtuh ckit sudh ok. There are more and more competitors. Chastise who he is fast, he can do it. Sarah let go of her hand. „Nothing, get ready for tomorrow`s work.“ hehee nti kt cane he bleh jd imam ariana.danke kak! 😉 The more it follows this story.

I really like the result. Congratulations. Can`t do better 🙂 I am grateful for the contribution. I can`t wait not to react to Adriana when you know Adam will be her husband. Please contact the author to order the novel mbk, 08158140664 Please click on the WA link at the end of the article yes mba. Bian visited. He knows where it`s going to happen. Sarah looked at him smoothly. His girlfriend`s face got closer. It`s barely far away. Suddenly, a tearful face of Tari appeared in his head. Assalamualaikum akak…

rsa2 la bla akak nk smbg ? x sbarr sngt dh nie-mirza- The cerbung has been deleted the author seems mbk, basrusan I was checked deleted 🙂 His novel is now PO Batch 2 until September 30. Kk domisili where is it? Ekekekkee. Fragrant oak leaves? You are the land of these dishes. ;)` hello eve. adam mukhris and adam kamil is the same person. You were mentioned in the second sentence of this n3. btw really feel nice &cute after reading sy sdh read up to chapter 24 b.What is the last one.? „Nggg.“ Sarah hesitated to say that. Bian was nice to her, but not today.

„Sit down, I will be, I haven`t seen each other in days.“ Adam kamil ngn Adam Mukhriz is the same ker?????? It doesn`t matter what Cite is best. Miss Eve tlg jwb yer. tq..:-) Later, the fiancée adam tgk adam tau undermines his fiancée, and Ariana Adam becomes sntiasa nk dkt n protek ariana of men who try ariana tp ariana sntiasa to stay away from Adam sb, he is org`s fiancée. Heh His novel could be bought in Gramedia or in another ga kak fatma bookstore. .?. Adam2. Really ignorant. The sin of reward is not for him. Can`t make Ariana a mistress. I want to be a mistress. If adam still hasn`t changed with his unnatural temperament. Can he be a priest for Ariana??? .

Ariana`s mistake of being a priest for him. hahaha Hurry up to connect new n3 ye. I do not like to quote it. ~kak min~ Ala sweeetnye, try along Xcucus. tp thank you writer chapter for n3, sweet face shadow Ariana wears fiancé dress, adam tgk klu must nyesal x join pi home fiancée live right. Right. . Ha ah of the same person.

Forget that I mentioned Adam Mukhriz. Suppose the next chapter. ;D Hey, very interesting blog! Feel free to visit my blog party invitations I`m curious about the continuity of itaa….