Positive feedback from a client Jennifer Smith just advised on a compromise agreement > For what types of labor disputes can you use a settlement agreement? Transaction agreements are technically complex documents. Indeed, they must comply with strict legal requirements to protect workers and workers from inappropriate pressure from the employer, who is more in a bargaining position. Yes. If you are based in England or Wales, one of our labour law experts will confidentially discuss your compromise or settlement agreement over the phone. Advising our clients on transaction agreements is one of our specialties and something we do almost every week. In some circumstances, a share sale agreement is attached to a transaction contract for which you may need separate advice. Together with our sales team, we ensure that technical advice is provided at every stage in order to obtain a timely and efficient conclusion. Please contact our specialist lawyer for settlement agreements on 0333 301 0700 or complete the questionnaire opposite. As we can see clients in Manchester, Liverpool, Wilmslow, Cheshire and across the country as lawyers specialising in settlement agreements, we can see a lawyer on site for you. A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract that prevents a worker from asserting rights against their employer, usually for a sum of money. This is often used to reach an agreement that the worker is not asserting labour rights against his or her employer. Our lawyers can help you if necessary: the employee must seek specialized independent legal advice before signing the settlement agreement.

The labour lawyer should advise the employee on potential claims so that the employee fully understands the legal issues and the value of potential claims. Due to the serious consequences for the worker when signing a settlement agreement, certain conditions must be met for a settlement agreement to be binding. This includes: Yes – You don`t need to wait for your employer to offer you a settlement agreement, you can take the first step….