If you have any questions regarding the cancellation process, please contact us at housingquestions@rowan.edu or by phone at 856-256-5265. Student Residence Contract This contract includes all student accommodation owned by the University or leased and operated by the University, as well as student accommodation provided by third parties for the benefit of University Students („Connected Accommodation“) located at the following address: DO NOT return to the Autumn Residence Order in the spring, in keyless buildings, There is an online checkout process that students must complete to change the staff of their departure. We know that every student and their family have unique circumstances that impact their ability to stay enrolled and live in on-campus housing. In some cases, financial, medical or other difficulties may lead the student to cancel their accommodation. Students can resign without restriction before the start of the semester. The university has also expanded the possibility of cancelling accommodation without restrictions by the add/drop deadline for courses in the autumn semester. During this period, the university also waived all cancellation fees incurred. Rowan University does not support any owner, management company or person who makes the list of Places4Students. These services are offered to assist students looking for available off-campus housing and landlords looking for student tenants. Students and owners are solely responsible for making informed decisions and the contracts they may enter into. The university and Places4Students are not parties to contracts or other agreements between students or donors. Rowan University does not guarantee the service or quality of the listed resources, owners, management companies, real estate, housing or individuals.

Students, parents, and other members of the Glassboro University and Community are not required to use Places4Students, the resources listed here, or to rent them to companies or individuals listed with Places4Students. If a cancellation request is accepted, the student`s bill is assessed in proportion to the number of nights the student occupied during the fifth week of the semester with their allocated accommodation. Any reference in this contract to university accommodation or student accommodation also includes connected accommodation, unless otherwise stated. Provident Group – Rowan Properties, LLC, University Student Living Management, LLC, Glassboro Mixed-Use Urban Renewal, LLC, Glassboro A3 Urban Renewal, LLC, Glassboro A4 Urban Renewal, LLC and its successors or recipients (a „Supplier“ and, together, the „Suppliers“) have all rights and remedies of the University and the ability to enforce this Agreement with respect to the Linked Housing. If a student`s cancellation request is accepted, the RLUH office notifies that student via their Rowan email address with additional instructions on the extract from the campus apartment. Please note that any prorated refund is based on the date the student withdraws from their assigned seat and there is no refund after the 5th week of the semester. The price of the night is charged to the student until he has duly withdrawn from his place. Please follow the instructions below to log in to your MyHousing account and inform us that you have completed your checkout process: After the add/drop deadline for the fall semester courses expires, the normal cancellation conditions of the Student Housing Contract apply.

The contract applies to the entire academic year (autumn 2020 and spring 2021). After the student`s arrival, cancellation requests are accepted due to completion, withdrawal or leave, participation in an approved academic program, marriage or domestic partnership, or medical, financial or other difficulties.