In their inter-institutional agreement, a recommended level in the main language of instruction was agreed between the sending and receiving institutions. The sending commission is responsible for supporting its candidates so that they can have the language skills recommended at the beginning of their studies. After mobility, the reception institution should send the student and the sending institution a record of the recordings (Table C). Finally, the sending institution should provide the student with a transcript of the recordings (Table D) or record the results in a database to which the student can access. [i] Mobility window: a period reserved for the international mobility of student credit and included in the curriculum of a curriculum. All students who have completed the OLS erasmus assessment prior to mobility will also be subject to a final assessment at the end of mobility. With the OLS, other possibilities are available. Please visit The minutes of the receiving institution`s records contain at least the minimum information requested in this model learning agreement. Table C (or the institution`s representation of it) contains all the elements of teaching agreed upon in Table A and, if there is a change in the curriculum abroad, in table Abis. In addition, class allocation information must be included or attached to the record (a web link to find this information is sufficient). The actual start and end dates are taken into account according to the following definitions: The Bbis table should only be used if the changes described in table Abis relate to the group of educational components of the end of studies (Table B) that are replaced abroad at the sending university.

Additional lines and columns can be added to the Abis and Bbis tables if necessary. The proposed mobility program includes the indicative months of the start and end of the agreed curriculum that the student will implement abroad. The host institution undertakes to provide a copy of the registrations to the original institution and the student within a time frame set by the inter-institutional agreement and, as a rule, beyond five weeks after the publication/proclamation of the student`s results in the host institution. It can be made available electronically or by other means accessible to the student. The section to be performed during mobility (Abis and Bbis tables) is only required if changes are to be included in the initial learning agreement. In this case, the section that must be completed before mobility (Tables A and B) should remain unchanged and the changes in this section should be described. For mobility between the countries of the programme and for the languages covered by the Online Language Support Erasmus (OLS), the student must carry out the evaluation of the OLS language before and at the end of the mobility period, with the exception of native speakers. Completion of the online assessment prior to departure is a prerequisite for mobility, except in duly justified cases.